Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Virtual Cookie Exchange 2018

First and foremost - Thank you Carol of Just Let Me Quilt for coordinating this wonderful annual event. And thank you fellow hoppers for sharing your cookies, quilts and traditions at this fun filled time of year.

Ok, I need to start with the fact that I don't bake.  I can cook anything but I lack baking skills. I Quilt.

This cookie recipe is short and sweet (and gluten free).  I got it from my sister who bakes and was confident that I could do it.

I am writing this portion of the blog on November 10.  Today I made my trial batch of easy Peanut Butter cookies.  I did photograph the entire process just in case it was a perfect outcome. In the past hour I have taste tested at least 5 of the cookies, and can report that they taste wonderful.

The recipe is
1 cup creamy peanut butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg

That's it.

Who knew you didn't have to put flour in a cookie mixture.

Mix the 3 ingredients together and using a 1 inch scoop drop on a cookie sheet,  press down with a fork in 2 directions and bake for 12 minutes (see the edit below) in a 350 degree oven.

I don't know what a 1 inch scoop is so I used  a heaping 1/2 a tablespoon full.

I have taken a picture of my uncooked cookies with a KCup on the pan so you could see the size of my pre baked cookies.   I got about 24 cookies from this batch.  You can also see in the pictures that I added a chocolate chip or two to a few of the cookies.  I can not leave well enough alone.

I thought that my sister got way fewer cookies so I cut the cooking time back to 11 minutes.

I took another picture with the KCup to show how much they grew.

Yes, these are very small cookie sheets, they measure in at 9 x 12

I guessed that I was supposed to cool on a wire rack, it's what's done right?  Well I don't own a wire rack so I used the rack that goes in the pan to hold your roasts with parchment paper so the cookies wouldn't fall through.

The cookies came out very tasty but very close to, but not burned.  I guess 10 minutes would have been better.  Good thing I like crisp cookies.

So next week I will try again baking for only 10 minutes and maybe adding a pecan or something else to the top.

Edit for retrial Dec. 5 

I know this is a last minute retry.  I forgot I needed to retry this process with different timing. 

I checked with my sister and she did make much bigger cookies.  Hers were actually thicker, so that explains the need for a change to the cooking time.

I made my cookies the same size as my originals.

This group got M&M Christmas Trees.  I know that M&M melt in your mouth not in your hand.  I needed to find out if they melted in the oven.

I made basically no changes in the recipe or the size of my cookies with the exception of replacing the chocolate chips with the M&M's.

Also found that I had these mesh racks that came with my little cookie sheets that made pretty decent cooling trays.

I baked today's batch for 10 minutes and that seemed perfect.  I did notice that I needed to let them sit on the cookie sheet for a few minutes to set.

You can see the cookie on the top right got a bit broken up because I moved it a little too soon.

If you look closely you will see that some of the M&M's cracked but none actually melted.

I took this batch of cookies (both the M&M's and plain) to today's Guild Meeting.  Didn't have to bring any of them home.
I think that says it all.

So if you got this far you have a chance at winning a Christmas Goodie bag.  I have a few small Christmas goodies that need to be given to someone to help brighten their holidays.  To have a chance just leave a comment.  I'll pick a name after midnight Friday (bright and early Saturday) December 9.

These are the links to all of the great participants in this fun hop.  Stop by and get some super ideas for the holidays and chances to win things and get free patterns and wonderful cookie recipes.  You have nothing to lose and so much to gain (couldn't resist).

Thanks for stopping by for the holiday visit.  Enjoy

December 5 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The latest crafting adventure

A couple of months ago I saw a sign for classes for beginner Fused Glass.  I truly had no idea what that meant but curiosity got the best of me. Well actually it got the better of us.  I was running errands with my sister at the time and she got dragged along on the adventure.

The class was broken down into 4, 3 hour sessions.  Going in I thought this was overkill but it turned out to be a great system to get exposure to several different elements of the craft.

We did jewelry,  picture frames, dishes and on the last day we made a fish with some of our left over bits and pieces. This is my fish and it is very boring in contrast to most of the fish in my class.

If we had only done jewelry  I would have dropped the whole glass experience.  While what we did was lovely, I'm not a jewelry person.   My sister on the other hand liked the jewelry and wasn't big on the dishes. 

These are some of my pieces of Jewelry.

My dishes. ( about 5 in across)

My sushi type dish (3.5 x 12 in)

This craft will not take over my quilting obsession.  Glass isn't predictable enough for me and it is very expensive.  I see me doing birthday gifts this year for my crafty friends and then making small pieces for Christmas presents.  I have been experimenting with ornaments and like where that is going,

This is a photo of a couple of the pieces of jewelry I gave a friend for her birthday.  Timing is everything, her birthday was the week I finished up the class.

Another buddies birthday was 2 weeks later.  I had her send me a photo with no explaination.  This is what she got back  for her present.

My most fun creation so far is the birthday cake. One of these went with the picture frame. It is about 1 1/2 x 3 inches.  I added a little frame stand so it can be propped up for display.

Another crafty friends birthday is in December and we decided to move it up so I could surprise her with my new adventure.  This went in the mail to her yesterday. Oops forgot to take  a picture. She did receive them yesterday and she will send pictures for me to add here at a later date. She got a frame, a piece of jewelry and some cake.

It really is fun venturing out of ones comfort zone and trying new things.  You just don't know where the process will lead.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Mainly Mug Rugs

It's been less than 3 weeks since my last post.  I'm aiming for about 2 weeks apart so that the posts are shorter and therefore less stressful to put together.  I know it's all in my head.

Anyway, I started a new quilt. The pattern Ladder Leap is by Amanda Jean from  Crazy mom quilts 

I started it but got waylaid  by the #mugrugparade on IG coordinated by @tinkerellen 
One mug rug a day for 10 days.  Some of my contributions were new for the parade but others are from the distant and not to distant past.

And then there were a few requests for some more badly needed Small Animal Kennel Quilts

I also did a little bit of my new crafting adventure.  I've moved up the birthday celebrations of a couple of friends so they can have their gifts as a surprise before I start adding the output to my blog. Two other friends have received their gifts and seemed really happy.  They are good friends so they would do the happy dance for me just because they are nice people.

Lets see if this photo helps them guess what's in store for their celebrations.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Another Month Gone By

Another crazy month gone by with plenty to show for it.  I'm going to work my way backward through time.

Yesterday I took  a workshop followed by a trunk show by Amanda Jean Nyberg based on her book  No Scrap Left Behind

The workshops premise was to make a quilt from her book but make it your own by changing up color, block orientation, size etc.    I chose the Mini Nines quilt.  Yes that is a very mini nine patch block. Unfinished at 2 inches.  Her whole quilt is in mini's.  Mine will be half mini's and half not so mini. 3 inch unfinished.

This top is one of the quilts from  the book "Remainders". Mine is composed of 500, 3inch,unfinished blocks made with remainder triangles from other projects.  Her version is made from 750.
I had it half quilted but had to rip it all out due to some kind of bunching mishap on the back.

There is almost nothing worse than ripping out quilting, thinking you're almost done and boom your not.

I have been working with The Quilt Pattern Magazine on their Small Kennel Quilt project. They let their list of volunteers know when small kennel quilts (12 x 18) are needed and if you can help you help if not, not.

With the hurricanes there was quite a need in the past month.  The good side is that I have a stash that will be able to contribute for a long time.  Small needy cats and dogs don't care if your fabric is dated.

I got this quilt done for Heart Builders, some of the fabric was supplied by Cotton Cuts.

I believe it was going to Project Linus

And then there are the Pin Cushions.

I participated in the IG #pinnieparade in August. Coordinated by @tinkerellen.

you posted one pin cushion a day for the month

These are a couple of my best ones

some were rather small

some from patterns 

But he's my favorite.

I also took some lessons on a new crafting adventure.  No photos until my group of crafty friends get their upcoming birthday gifts.  So hard to do a  surprise when they all check the blog for clues. A couple of them have asked to have their birth date changed just so they can find out what I've been up to. I probably will since I don't want to wait until December.

Until next time.

Monday, August 21, 2017

A Months Worth

Can't believe a full month has passed since my last post.  I think playing on IG gets me a bit sidetracked.

Back in June, Amanda Jean  of Crazymomquilts had a QAL based on a quilt in her new book No Scrap Left Behind.  I participated and finished up in July.

It was a fun quilt to do and made absolutely no dent in my scraps.

In fact trimming up my strip sets resulted in this nice neat pile of left overs.

which promptly turned into this.  The mental problem I'm having here is that I took a small pile of scraps and used them up by pairing them up with 2 + yards of fabric.  Hmmmmm 

But I really, really like how it turned out.

My travel project for sitting in doctors office waiting rooms and for watching TV are these crocheted pin cushions / tool / gadget holders   This multi colored  group above is for a fund raiser for Angel Snugs.

This group of pinks and white will be going to a local breast cancer group's fund raiser. They've asked for about 20, I think I'm about half way there.

Debbie over at A Quilters Table had an Improv QAL on IG.  #improvstripesqal

It was way, way out of my comfort zone but I am so glad that I participated.  Sometimes you just have to give the uncomfortable a try.  Very happy with the results. My sister has already called dibs on it.

Last but far from least are these quilts for the Preemies at the Florida Hospital for Children

These are the sample quilts that the Big Cypress chapter of the Villages Quilt Guild will be making as one of our ongoing Charity projects. 

the pictures are of the front and back of the 3 quilts.  they are 11 x 11, 13 x 17 and 17 x 17

They were looking for holiday or seasonal themed quilts for these very little babies. Every child needs to celebrate their first holidays no matter how tiny they are.

I've also been participating in the #pinnieparade on IG where we have been making a pin cushion a day for the month of August there are now over 3,500 posted.  I'll post all of mine once the parade is over.