Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Another Month Gone By

Another crazy month gone by with plenty to show for it.  I'm going to work my way backward through time.

Yesterday I took  a workshop followed by a trunk show by Amanda Jean Nyberg based on her book  No Scrap Left Behind

The workshops premise was to make a quilt from her book but make it your own by changing up color, block orientation, size etc.    I chose the Mini Nines quilt.  Yes that is a very mini nine patch block. Unfinished at 2 inches.  Her whole quilt is in mini's.  Mine will be half mini's and half not so mini. 3 inch unfinished.

This top is one of the quilts from  the book "Remainders". Mine is composed of 500, 3inch,unfinished blocks made with remainder triangles from other projects.  Her version is made from 750.
I had it half quilted but had to rip it all out due to some kind of bunching mishap on the back.

There is almost nothing worse than ripping out quilting, thinking you're almost done and boom your not.

I have been working with The Quilt Pattern Magazine on their Small Kennel Quilt project. They let their list of volunteers know when small kennel quilts (12 x 18) are needed and if you can help you help if not, not.

With the hurricanes there was quite a need in the past month.  The good side is that I have a stash that will be able to contribute for a long time.  Small needy cats and dogs don't care if your fabric is dated.

I got this quilt done for Heart Builders, some of the fabric was supplied by Cotton Cuts.

I believe it was going to Project Linus

And then there are the Pin Cushions.

I participated in the IG #pinnieparade in August. Coordinated by @tinkerellen.

you posted one pin cushion a day for the month

These are a couple of my best ones

some were rather small

some from patterns 

But he's my favorite.

I also took some lessons on a new crafting adventure.  No photos until my group of crafty friends get their upcoming birthday gifts.  So hard to do a  surprise when they all check the blog for clues. A couple of them have asked to have their birth date changed just so they can find out what I've been up to. I probably will since I don't want to wait until December.

Until next time.

Monday, August 21, 2017

A Months Worth

Can't believe a full month has passed since my last post.  I think playing on IG gets me a bit sidetracked.

Back in June, Amanda Jean  of Crazymomquilts had a QAL based on a quilt in her new book No Scrap Left Behind.  I participated and finished up in July.

It was a fun quilt to do and made absolutely no dent in my scraps.

In fact trimming up my strip sets resulted in this nice neat pile of left overs.

which promptly turned into this.  The mental problem I'm having here is that I took a small pile of scraps and used them up by pairing them up with 2 + yards of fabric.  Hmmmmm 

But I really, really like how it turned out.

My travel project for sitting in doctors office waiting rooms and for watching TV are these crocheted pin cushions / tool / gadget holders   This multi colored  group above is for a fund raiser for Angel Snugs.

This group of pinks and white will be going to a local breast cancer group's fund raiser. They've asked for about 20, I think I'm about half way there.

Debbie over at A Quilters Table had an Improv QAL on IG.  #improvstripesqal

It was way, way out of my comfort zone but I am so glad that I participated.  Sometimes you just have to give the uncomfortable a try.  Very happy with the results. My sister has already called dibs on it.

Last but far from least are these quilts for the Preemies at the Florida Hospital for Children

These are the sample quilts that the Big Cypress chapter of the Villages Quilt Guild will be making as one of our ongoing Charity projects. 

the pictures are of the front and back of the 3 quilts.  they are 11 x 11, 13 x 17 and 17 x 17

They were looking for holiday or seasonal themed quilts for these very little babies. Every child needs to celebrate their first holidays no matter how tiny they are.

I've also been participating in the #pinnieparade on IG where we have been making a pin cushion a day for the month of August there are now over 3,500 posted.  I'll post all of mine once the parade is over.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Christmas in July 2017 - Blog Hop

What a fun concept, Christmas in July   A really great incentive to start the creative process in a truly timely manner.  I hope you have already gotten some great ideas with many more to come. Thanks Sarah for coordinating this for us as well as having a give away and a QAL, WOW.

 For my stop I decided to make Vinyl Bags for my crafty friends.  I know that I prefer the vinyl to fabric bags for projects just for ease of finding the right one as I dash out the door.

I decided to make them in 3 sizes. I got the basic how to when I found this tutorial at   So Sew Easy    I had attempted to work with vinyl in the past and had so much trouble that several projects ended in the trash can.  The key for me this time was the Teflon foot which happened to come with my machine

It i really hard to get a good picture of clear vinyl. (sorry)
The bags measure in at 11w x 12h, 11w x 9h and 8.5w x 7h
The 2 larger ones have boxed bottoms.

Well once I made the bags I had the feeling I was short changing you the hop followers a bit so I decided I needed to fill them with something gifty.

Since I was making them for crafters I decided to try a crafty present idea per bag. 

Bag #1 the largest can hold, for example, a pin cushion and pin keeper with some pre cut fabric or

a gadget keeper/pin cushion and some lovely yarn. Amanda Jean at Crazy mom quilts is currently working on a pattern for this yarn based pin cushion.

Bag #2 is holding a mug rug with matching napkin and some goodies to go inside / along side your favorite mug. I made this set to match the bag but all the parts could be made for any occasion.

Bag #3 contains hand made cards made with Christmas fabric scraps, some made with simple rectangle scraps and stamps others using an applique pattern. All attached to card stock with heavy duty heat and bond.  You just need to remember to put a heavy book on the card after pressing the fabric onto it until it has cooled so that the card doesn't curl up.

Well that's it for my stop.  I hope you can use an idea or two to help you with your jump on holiday gift giving. 

 Oh I forgot to mention the fabric stars. The link I used for the fabric stars can be found here. They were fun to make. You can make them ornaments if you just thread some pearl cotton through them between the points

As for me I will start my gift giving right now.  I will draw a name from those of you who leave a comment and will send you Bag #2 which contains the mug rug, napkin and goodies.  I'll ship anywhere. I'll pick a name on Wednesday the 25th from all the comments dated the 24th or earlier.

Please continue to visit all of the bloggers (I've listed them all below) participating in this fun event and check out Sarah's Blog over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict  to read about the fabulous give away and QAL.

Here are the blogs participating in the 12 Days of Christmas in July blog hop!

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Selina Quilts (that's me)

Friday, July 21st

Saturday, July 22nd

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Updates for the month

It's  been a very busy month for me. For a start my computer died. I am attempting to write this post on a new tablet while I wait for my new computer to be delivered.  It should be here any day now, any day.  They neglected to tell me when I ordered it that it was on back order.

Biggest problem with typing on the tablet  is that I can't see what I'm typing as I'm typing it. Oh well I'm sure there is a way around the problem I just don't have the patience this week to figure it out.

The month started with a trip. While away I needed to replace my phone and got this tablet for free  as part of the deal. For free I guess I shouldn't complain about the typing issues.

I spent time with old friends. Went with them to various restaurants, yarn and fabric shops. Sent home 17 pounds of fabric plus yarn. All of the fabric was on sale, Yahoo.

I also picked up and carried home in my checked luggage this cutie pie. All in all I had a great time.

I really needed a machine that I could drag to meetings and hotels and on planes. When I left home I thought  I'd be coming home with her so I brought some blocks with me to work on at the hotel.  I now have 450 of the 500 blocks needed for the Remainders quilt. 50 blocks per baggie.

I also joined the June  QAL  by Crazymomquilts for another quilt from her recent book No Scrap Left Behind. Can't show a picture of that because at the moment it's spread all over the sewing room.

I have also been working on my contribution to the  Christmas in July Blog Hop coordinated by Sarah  over at Confessions of a Fabric addict.  It stars on Friday and it looks like another great time to be had by all this year. There will be over 20 contributors and a QAL and a give away. I'm posting  on the 20th and I feel a give away right here as well.  Stop by and see what I come up with. This is just a sneak peek of what I have been playing with  for the hop.

I've also been up to some non quilting projects. I got some wonderful yarn to make a shawl for myself and actually got it started.

I also  saw a pattern for a knitted dish Towel that I thought would be a great hand towel for my powder  room. It's almost done.

And these fabric stars were made for a quilting buddy to give to her Honor Flight group .

Hope to see you here on the 20th. Til then be sew happy and enjoy summer.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Crazy Mom Quilts - Oh My

I have been following Amanda Jean Nyberg of crazymomquilts for as long as I have been blogging.  I have always admired her work and I have tried many of the ideas she so generously shares.

Since I picked up her latest book No Scrap Left Behind I've gotten a little obsessed with her.  I am currently working on 2 of the quilts in the book "Remainders"

and "Mini Nines" which I am making slightly larger than the book, sorry no pictures yet.

I've also made "Cards" from the book 

There were 4 more but they have been sent to quilting buddies around the country.  These are so easy and so fun to make.

Big Nines is a quilt she posted about last month. I loved it and have a quilt top of my spin  on it ready for sandwiching.

My nines are floating around in their blocks, hers are centered.

I also follow her on IG . Last week she posted her knitted pin cushion.  I hunted a pattern down on google, there are a couple out there.

I knitted some and then decided that I could crochet them faster.

Here are the knitted pieces.  Once you make each rectangle you sew it first row to last row making a tube, then you fold it over on its self  like a turtle neck sweater.  Stick the smallest into the middle of the middle size and them into the middle of the large one. 

I took the picture on the cutting board so you could get the measurements.  I used a #8 knitting needle and a H crochet hook.

OK so  I'm not quite done with my Crazy Mom Quilts this week.  She has out of the goodness of her heart started a June QAL of one of her quilts from the book. The quilt is called "June".

I've started to pull my strings. 

This October she will be coming to Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild to do a Trunk Show and a Workshop, I'm so looking forward to meeting her in person.